Wanted Gallery

Wanted Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in London, whose whole idea is built upon accessibility, affordability and creation of a 'cultureof desire'.


It was founded in 2007 by Timo Weber and Maximilian Wiedemann with the aim of launching the careers of international young and emerging artists in the European art scene and beyond. Wanted gallery is currently set up in the heart of Notting Hill London but is conceptualized as a pop-up gallery as it changes location and will be present in various capitals throughout Europe. The galleries stable of artists represents outstanding new blood street artistsand will continue to include more established and acclaimed artists whilstretaining its youthful ethos and alternative approach to the art world.


There were times in the past when graffiti was used as a form criticism of society, when the majority classified graffiti as "unwanted",we were part of that culture and have since brought urban art from the underground to the (discerning) masses.